Györffy, István: Magyar népi himzések (Hungarian Folk Enbroideries)

Pp. 223. With 168 plates, of which 80 are b/w and 88 coloured plates pasted in, and two hundred illustrations in the text.

First edition of this comprehensive monograph of the Hungarian szür, the traditional shepherd’s mantle, decorated with the typical stylised floral ornamentation. Györffy worked for two decades on this work and collected more than one hun- dred coats during his travels. Now housed at the National Museum in Budapest. He studied extensively the histori- cal material of the felt mantles, the technical tricks of the craft, and the method of sewing and ornamentation. Györ- rffy describes the different coat styles and types of flower decoration depending on the area, including Bihar county, Transylvania, the “Kunság”, the “Hajdúság”, Debrecen, Up- per Hungary and Transdanubia. Rare and interesting work of traditional Hungarian folk embroidery with strikingly colourful illustrations. The coloured plates have printed captions in Hungarian and German.

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