Catalogue no. 54

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A miscellaneous collection of travel and language books, some photographs, and works devoted to design, fashion and art.

Catalogue no. 53

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This catalogue includs:
This collection comprises books about world travel, including Ludolf’s monumental work on Ethiopia and Piso’s significant work on the East Indies;
a few rare language books; several stunning French fashion works; a few 20th century children’s books including Père Castor albums;
beautiful Japanese woodblock-printed works, including a few kimono design books;
and some important works on China, including one about the Fashion in Shanghai in the 1920s, etc.

Catalogue no. 52

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This catalogue includs:
A selection of rare books about travel around the world, several language books with many exotic imprints,
Japanese items with stunning wood blocked printed illustrations, some books about fashion including
French cotton samples and wallpaper designs, more recent books about Japanese paper production,
colourful Chinese paper-cuts, fascinating 15th century autograph letters about Ottoman alum trade.

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